Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing

Hydro-Tech’s state of the art hydro-static test station allows inspections and testing of all seamless cylinders in strict compliance with Australian standards AS2337.1 and AS2337.3 (composites).

This includes SCUBA, SCBA (Breathing apparatus), portable CO2 fire extinguishers, suppression system, ANSUL, and air bank cylinders.

Prior to undertaking any Hydro-static test, all cylinders are subject to a full external and internal examination to ensure that any corrosion or other defects are within the specifications outlined in the Australian Standards. Any cylinders not meeting those specifications cannot be tested.

Our Hydro-Static test rig is capable of testing cylinders up to 10,000psi (70,000kPa), using a hydraulic stretch test to measure permanent volumetric expansion. 

Cylinders meeting all inspection criteria, and with permanent volumetric expansions within the allowable 0.02% of cylinder volume, will be stamped with Hydro-Tech’s station identifier  and test date to indicate that it meets the Australian Standards. Customers will be provided with a test certificate on request.