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HydrostaticTest Station

Our hydrostatic test facility allows us to test all seamless cylinders such as SCUBA, CO2 Exinguishers and other cylinders to a maximum test pressure of 70,000kpa (10,000psi). All testing is done strictly in accordance with AS2337.1

Stock Showroom

We stock all of the supplies and extinguishers that you may need on a day-to-day basis. Our aim is to make it as convenient for you as possible

For the not-so-common items or for larger quantities of items we provide a next-day service, so just call and we will generally be able to supply your order the next day.

Powder Test Station

Our Powder test station is a sealed and filtered environment for testing and recharging all ABE and BE powdered fire extinguishers. We use a dry, nitrogen based test system, which removes the need to introduce any water into the powder extinguishers. Recharging powder extinguishers can be a difficult and time consuming exercise, however, our highly experience technicians know all the techniques for ensuring that your powder extinguishers are reassembled and sealed correctly after a recharge.

LiquidsTest Station

This station is where all of your Air Water, Air Foam, and Wet Chem extinguishers are tested and recharged. All waste chemicals and detergents are collected and disposed of correctly. All refills are done using high qualitybiodegradeable detergents.