Most extinguisher importers push the “just throw them away and put in new ones” line. While this is great for their sales figures, it is not always the best thing for you or the environment.
While it is true that the cost of smaller ABE’s has reduced and that the cost of testing these is only slightly less than buying new, for all larger extinguishers, and in particular CO2 extinguishers, the cost saving can be significant. Every dollar you save by re-testing extinguishers, rather than purchasing new, is an extra dollar in your pocket, rather than in the extinguisher importers pocket. Helping to make you more profitable and competitive.
Concerns are sometimes raised that pressure testing means you need to do a return visit to your client’s site. Many of our customers avoid this by maintaining their own bank of pressure tested extinguishers. These are used to immediately replace client extinguishers which are due for test. Hydro-Tech then picks up the out of test extinguishers, tests, and returns them to be put back into the bank to be used at the next client’s job.
Talk to us about how you can make pressure testing work for your business. I am sure we can develop a process which fits into your business model, allowing you to take advantage of the cost savings, while not impacting on your operational procedures.
Pressure testing extinguishers is also great for the environment. Pressure testing and recharging is the only truly environmentally friendly way of dealing with out-of-test extinguishers.
While some companies sell the environmental benefits of swapping old for new extinguishers –those old extinguishers still need to be disposed of. While some components are recycled – there is still a huge cost to manufacturing new extinguishers to replace what are generally perfectly good extinguishers that just need testing.
With the increased awareness of the environmental impacts of our activities, many of your customers will be very open to your message that reusing their existing extinguishers is the most environmentally sensitive way of dealing with them when they are out of test.