Once an extinguisher has reached the end of its useful life, and can no longer be tested, or it fails the pressure/hydro-static testing it must be disposed of safely and responsibly.

Hydro-Tech offers an extinguisher disposal service to its customers at cost

What is involved in disposing of an extinguisher ?

It is not as simple as just “throwing it in the bin”

Disposing of an extinguisher involves the following steps

1. Condemned/disposed extinguishers are initially emptied and depressurised

  • 90% of CO2 is captured and recycled internally
  • ABE and BE powder is captured and recycled offsite as construction material

2. The cylinder head is removed

  • The stem is removed from the head
  • Any Gauges and non-brass components are removed from the head
  • All metal components are separated and sorted prior to being sent to recycling centres

3. The empty cylinders then have all non metal components removed prior to being sent to recycling centres